We Tell Stories.

We’re hardwired for it. We spin them all day long because stories are how we make sense of the world. Whether it’s a yarn you’ve spun or one that you’re told, a good story has the power to give your life meaning.

At Dokument we think that this brand of storytelling is the most valuable service we can provide for our clients. Only this level of engagement can build the personal connection that lasts long after an advertising campaign has ended.

Our Work

Our Clients

Dokument specializes in telling real stories about real people. We’ve produced content for the world’s biggest brands in some of the world’s toughest environments including Northern Thailand, Congo, Haiti and 270 Park in New York City.

“Dokument has produced two compelling short films for us, distilling complex ideas into a strong, singular experience. They’re not afraid to go where no one’s gone before and they work hard and brilliantly to get there.” Yvon Chouinard - Patagonia Owner & Founder


Dokument Films
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